Myriam: Rag doll with yarn hair

Myriam: Rag doll with yarn hair



  • Handmade doll

  • Materials: skin - muslin

    face - embroidery floss

    hair - mohair yarn

    dress and bow - felt wool and laces

    stuffing - corn fiber and polyester

  • Height: 8 inches (not including a bow)

    10 inches (including bow)


  • Myriam is an 8 inch handmade soft doll. Each doll has a different face and personality since she was hand-made. If you want to know more about her, please go to the character menu. 

  • Her clothes can't be removed. 

  • Please select the one the you want to purchase by choosing a number. Each doll in numbered in the picture.

  • She can sit and stand. Please be gentle to her because she is delicate and needs a lot of care.

  • Spot clean your doll only. Don't clean her in a washing machine. 

Shipping information:

  • USPS priority mail

  • Ready to ship in 3-5 business days

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