Sammy the cat, all she hates are rats


Sammy is a little white cat. I named her after my husband's cat, who I have never met because he had her when he was very young. Sammy always wears a pink raincoat since she like to play in the rain. I made a short comic about her red shoes.

How Sammy got her red shoes


One rainy night, Sammy went outside. Her tail was bit off by a rat and she transformed into Dark Sammy. She killed the rat. Her shoes turned red. The red has never washed off, always red. She almost died after she ate the rat because its blood poisoned her. She went back to her home where her owner was waiting for her. She cuddled Sammy. With her owner's love, Sammy changed back to her normal form except her shoes never changed. They are now always red. Red likes blood. Sammy the cat, all she hates are rats.