Back to the time that I made Myriam. I listened to "The Night Circus" audiobook by Erin Morgenstern. I loved one of the side characters named Poppet. She was born in the circus and also worked there. Her special ability was to tell the future through the stars. My doll Myriam was inspired by the Poppet character. Myriam is a mystery girl in a circus. She loves the performance and crowd. The picture down below is my first Myriam. She sat with flowers in Spring. Her legs and arms are very skinny.


Since my previous Myriam is very skinny, I made her legs and arms thicker. I also tried out wool as a different hair material. 


Now you can see that the second generation is bigger. Anyway, I love both.


Here, these are some Myriam. They all look different. Which one do you like?

collage Myriam.jpg