Repaint: Ever After High doll

Since seeing a repainted doll on Youtube and Instagram, I wanted to do it too. It took me awhile to collect all materials. The materials are shown down below: pastels, water-soluble colored pencil, Mr. Super Clear UV cut, Fabric-tac glue, nail polish remover (acetone), an eraser and a screwdriver.  


The doll that I will paint is Cupid Ever After High. She has nice pink hair.


I started by wiping her face off with nail polish remover, then I cut her hair short.


I put her head in hot water and pulled the head out from her body. Hot water helped soften the glue inside her head. Most people use pliers to pull the hair out through her neck. I found that didn't work well for me so I used a screwdriver to scrape inside her head., then pulled her hair out from her neck. This way was easier.  


I wiped the pink paint off of her head with nail polish remover. I repainted it with black acrylic color because her new hair would be black.


I actually cut my own hair to put on my doll. I tied my hair up and cut off my pony tail. Later I regretted it (I ended up with a bad haircut). Anyway, I got hair for my doll.


I wet hair with water and combed it. The I rerooted it one by one hole. I got my reroot tool from


It took all day to finish rerooting. It was the hardest thing ever. My back hurt. 


Then I added glue inside the head to secure the hair and left it to dry overnight.


The hair tangled like crazy. I couldn't comb the hair so I washed her hair and put a lot of conditioner on. It worked better when her hair was wet and slippery. After letting her hair dry, I poured boiling hot water over her hair. It didn't go down. I tried to wrap her hair and tied rubber bands with her body. Her hair went down more but not as good as it should be. My own hair was really hard to tame. I ended up giving up and tied up her hair.


It was really important to reroot the doll hair before repainting the doll's face because the doll face might crack during the rerooting process.


I wrapped my doll with a piece of an old shirt. You could wrap it with rubber band or use a pin to pin fabric and head together.


I started by spraying Mr. Clear on her face and letting it dry. It was important to spray outside in the backyard and wear a mask because fumes from the spray are bad for your health. The paint will stick better over the layer of Mr. Clear. I blushed her cheek and lips with soft pastel. Then I drew the outline of her face with a brown color pencil. I coated her face with Mr. Clear again before painting more. You can spray Mr. Clear when the color is not sticking to the doll face.


I started building up layers and colored her eyes with a color pencil.


Somehow I wasn't satisfied with how she looked so I wiped her face with acetone and started the whole process again. I wanted her to look sad. I like emotional dolls. I blushed her cheek and lips over Mr. Clear layer. I also painted her eyes with color pencil. 


I kept adding on color. I wanted her eyes to sparkle a bit so I added glitter on her eyes after sealing her face with Mr. Clear. You should put glitter on before coating with Mr. Clear because otherwise the glitter will be dull. I used gloss varnish to stick the glitter on her face and it made her eyes glossy. 


Here she is. She was wearing Licca-chan clothes. You can see a bit of glue on her hair. Since her hair was hard to tame, I put some diluted Mod Podge glue on her hair. I am really proud of myself and I like the result.