Air-dry clay: cat in a raincoat

Hello guys!! This was my first time using air-dry clay. I used ACTIVA La Doll Premier Natural Air Dry Stone Clay which I got from Amazon. The clay was quite wet and soft. It was easy to work with. Don't forget to trim your nails first as I found that I left a lot of nail marks on the sculpture. I started build up a core first with styrofoam and wire. It is important to make the core with different materials because you save some clay and drying time. This clay is easily made smooth with water. 


After I was satisfied with my work, I let it dry. It took a couple days to dry. I found a crack around the neck as it was drying.


I fixed the crack with more clay. You can apply clay on the dry piece without using any glue.


When it was dry, I sanded the whole piece. Now it was nice and smooth. The sculpture was very light when it was dry. I drew the face with color pencil before painting with acrylic paint. 


I am really happy with the final result. She is cute.


This is all the paint that I used: color pencil for lining, acrylic color as a base and pastel color for blush on her cheek and around her eyes. 


Next step is making a mold from silicone. I decided to make one piece mold.


I did not have enough silicone so I kept adding stuff in there to fill up volume. I broke three cutters. 


It turned out that one piece mold was really hard to cast. I also broke her when I tried to take her out from the silicone. I will make a two piece mold from the resin cast again. To be continued...